By Simran Narang

26 July 2021

What exactly is AR?

AR is short for Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is the term we use to describe experiences when real world scenarios and objects are enhanced by Artificial Imaging and Modelling. These experiences are designed to trigger our vision primarily and enhance our perception of our surroundings. !

Where can I use AR?

AR has a range of applications - from Gaming to Retail Industry, Archaeology to Art, Health Care to Industrial Planning - AR has crept up and dramatically altered some of the simplest daily processes.

In this article, we go over AR in the Fashion Retail industry. The first commercial AR Trial Booth was created in 2010. Over the years, the idea has been improved and enhanced exponentially.

Luxury Brands have been using AR Trials as an elite, no-Contact Trial experience for quite long time.

Recent Lockdown events due to the rapid spread of the Covid - 19, have also resulted in the widespread popularity of the model. A lot of small and medium-sized businesses have adopted this model too. Recent advancements in the smartphone industry have also made AR fairly accessible.

For Fashion Retail Goods like Clothes, Companies came up with an innovative initial solution. An application asked Customers to customize a human-like figure with their Body Shape, Skin Colour, and Height. E-Commerce Services then helped the Customer Visualize the Product on a Human-like Figure similar to their own.

A lot of Stores adopted this model and it showed great initial results for the Clothing Model. Another version of the same model is used for Cosmetic Products. For example, for a product like Nail Polish, a hand model with a customizable skin color is presented to help a customer visualize how that color would look on a skin color like theirs. The similar Formulae is applied to other colour based products like Lipstick and eyeshadow. A customer is showed a face model and is asked to choose the skin colour they would like to see with the Lipstick colour or eyeshadow colour to visualise how it would look on their own self.

Such visual enhancements have shown positive rates of Customer Retention and Engagement.

Coming to Finer Luxury Goods like Jewelry and Sunglasses, this model proved to be a little redundant. For Luxe Accessories like these, people wanted to see exactly how these high-end, expensive products would look on them.

Buying Jewelry is often an intimate experience, and marks special occasions like Weddings, New Births, Birthdays and such.

Via Melzo Noor

Traditional Indian Jewelry is a work of art, and is highly regarded as one of the bet in the world because of the level of detail and the skill that goes into it.

Creating an AR/Remote trial programme for a product of a product with all these experiences attached, Jewelry Visualization needed to be proper and immaculate before a Try On model was added to the product.

Due to such Difficulties, the Jewelry Try-on Model was very restricted, and was only accessible to the most exclusive, bigger brands.

Various Big Brands incorporated Jewelry Trial experiences into their On-site and online buying experiences almost as soon as the concept came out.

For a very long time, atleast in the Indian Scene, it was the norm. Only Huge Brands were doing online trials. Only the biggest of the big brands could afford the sort of investment and the recurring costs that cam with Detailed AR Trials.

It was a matter of time until tech-driven startups recognized this gap in the Market and started creating No-Code AR Trials software.

The challenge was creating something that a layman could use. Code-Free, Drag and Drop based, extensive AR Trials were required for the General Market.

Live AR Jewel Trials.


Where you can try on designs on yourself and see what they will look like in real time. Created in a No-Code, User Friendly Application.

The jewelry sector in the country consists of Artisans and Centuries Old Family Run Stores. Convincing traditional Jewelers to adopt the model IS a different challenge altogether. Free AR Trial Tools are trying to change this mindset, one Codeless Trial at a time.

Such tools helped reduce inventory management problems and are economical, and hence accessible to Jewelers operating on any scale. From Designers to Big Brands, everyone can use it.

Simple changes like that in your Online and Offsite experiences can help you increase traction exponentially.

Melzo's Noor took this model a step further, where you can try on jewels on a picture of your loved ones for which you are buying things for. You can take selfies with different designs on yourself, save them and share them in a single click! The platform is free to use and can be tried here.

For more info on pricing and demos for Melzo's Noor, Contact Us and our team will gladly assist you in the process and help you digitalise your Jewel Business today!

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