The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

By Simran Narang

15 July 2021

As of 2018, there were 171 million active Virtual Reality users in the world, aside from Virtual Reality being a $30 billion market in 2020. Why are 171 million people proactively using it? Well, the answer lies in its innovation, universal applicability, increased interactiveness, the novelty of the technology, and the welcome shift it brings with itself, making digital spaces 3D from 2D. But what exactly does VR mean? What does Virtual Reality do? How did it suddenly become the “It” thing, and why is everyone talking about it? We get into the nitty-gritty!

Let's start with the basics of VR, it's related keywords, and why they’re relevant.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is a mimicked experience that can be quite similar to your present reality or totally exclusive in a different, immersive world. Virtual Reality can be used for a variety of purposes - instructive purposes (for example clinical or military training), entertainment purposes (Virtual Reality gaming, elevating your movie experiences), commercial purposes (enhancing online shopping), and so on. The possibilities are truly unfathomable.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is an innovation that mixes a few virtual elements in what the user finds in their real environment. The extra, artificially produced pictures with the real scene enhance how the environmental factors look. Pokemon Go is one of the most successful examples of Augmented Reality in day to day life.

Mixed reality (MR)

Mixed Reality is the convergence of a present reality and virtual universes to deliver new conditions and perceptions where physical and advanced articles exist together and work together in real-time. It is a hybrid of the Real and Virtual Reality.

Why VR?

Virtual reality revolutionizes how people experience the internet and reality. Registering has consistently been an intervened understanding: People pass data to and fro through screens and consoles. VR relies upon headsets, while AR is (for the time being, in any event) more usually experienced through your mobile phone. By encompassing you in a fake world, or bringing virtual items into your true condition, "spatial registering" permits you to connect all the more naturally with those images and sounds.

Virtual Reality - Uses and Applications

Let's put this in perspective, you're stuck in a lockdown enforced by local authorities, but want to get some clothes, and are unsure of how the clothes would look on you, and you refrain from online shopping. Well, with an AR-Based Try On Plug-in, you could see the variety of clothes, check how it would look on you, and even change the 360-degree background behind it for a better judgment of the colors, select and add it to your cart and be more than satisfied with your purchase by considering all requirements needed to fulfill your desire rather than going out and risking your health for shopping a mere pair of pants. This is how technology ahead of its time can help you and help you save time and effort in the comfort of your home.

Or maybe you want to organize an event on a global scale, with participants from across the seas. A physical event on that scale would require an immense amount of capital, days, sometimes even months of planning. These events, more times than often end up costing more than they are worth.

A Virtual Event, on the other hand, is not limited by its geographical location. Exhibitors, Attendees, Visitors from around the globe participate and interact with Like-minded People, without physically being there. Such events provide you real-time data about user participation, Popular events, the number of times people revisited, and other data alike.

VR may seem a little overwhelming, impractical, and over-the-top right now, but so was the internet, Smartphones, and Computers when they were first introduced. VR is the future, which is easily accessible, right through your current device (given it has an internet connection).

Right now, VR is helping countless businesses across the globe, in varying fields - from Architecture to Manufacturing, Event Management to Retail - VR has got it all covered.

VR is being used in almost all sections of the company - Sales, Training, Marketing, and sometimes even production! In today’s day and age, VR is a tool for all businesses - whatever their scale, from MNCs to SMEs, VR offers something that’ll add value to their field of work.

Palmer Luckey, the mind behind the popular Oculus Rift famously said “Once you have perfected virtual reality, what else is there to perfect?”

The future doesn’t get simpler than this, right?

At Melzo, we are committed towards bringing VR Technology to the masses in an easily scalable, personalized manner. We specialize in Cutting edge, B2B Virtual Reality Solutions which helps businesses promote engagement, increase brand awareness and sales, among other things. Sounds a little unreal, right? It's because it is. Get in touch, and we will help you figure out how we can be part of your business expansion with the power of VR.

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