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By Simran Narang

19 July 2021

Commercial VR is a relatively new industry. Founded in 2017, Melzo is one of the few organizations in the country truly dedicated to the sector of AR, VR, and XR. For a company as young as four years old, Melzo has a lot of feathers on its hat of achievements. We were the 1st among 1200 companies at the Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit 2018, Among the Top - 5 Winners at the WhatsApp Startup Challenge, 2019, and the Finalists for the Dubai Future Accelerators Cohort 7, 2020.

Ever since VR was introduced, it has required bulky hardware and software to use, and any personal VR experiences were very expensive to create. Melzo seeks to eliminate the extra requirements, simplify the process, and take VR to the masses. Melzo is rapidly working towards a device-agnostic Virtual Reality ecosystem, which can be accessed from all devices, be it Smartphones, Desktops, Laptops.

How is VR used in the real world?

Virtual Reality is demonstrating quite significant use-cases in almost all sectors - from real estate to the travel industry, VR has enhanced functioning in one way or another. More and more Retailers are incorporating Virtual Trials in their online stores, which gives customers a 360 view of the things they’re buying. 2D pictures restrict a customer’s view of the product.

Virtual Reality can visualize the customer’s choice in the environment of their preference which helps them have quicker buying decisions with the exact details of the products they’re buying while sitting in the comfort of their home. Realtors are showcasing Renders and Virtual Property Tours online, Hotels are adding 360 views of the offered rooms instead of plain old 2D photos and so much more.

We have a diverse product range, specially crafted for enhancing Networking, Training, Manufacturing, Customization, Marketing, Advertising - You name it, we have something up our sleeve to simplify your work!

Melzo Kalaa

Melzo Kalaa lets anyone create VR content with just a ‘drag and drop’. Zero coding requirement. With its easy-to-use interface, Melzo Kalaa lets you create 360 VR tours and design projects within minutes.

One can even add images, videos, Gifs, pop-ups, carousel, text, 3D menus, and embed documents and 3D models to create engaging and immersive VR content.

Melzo Noor:

Melzo Noor is a software suite designed keeping in mind the needs of Jewellery Designers and Retailers. It lets you try on jewelry from anywhere and any device with its AR try On feature. 360 Degree Photographs let you escape the traditional 2D methods of listings. Melzo Noor lets you personalize your design elements. With Melzo models you can visualize the detailing of products with unlimited product access. Melzo Holo will give you a whole new experience of visualization with light-based projections.

Melzo Udyog

Melzo Udyog lets you create visually stunning 3D 360 VR, AR, and Holographic display content without having to learn any tech-savvy applications. You can change scenes and put 3D 360 models in various VR backgrounds using high-quality audio, visual, and animation features.

Unlike ordinary Holograms, Melzo’s VR technology lets you interact with the 3D holographic displays using haptic control and voice control interfaces.

Melzo Mela

Melzo Mela is our flagship platform for organizing Immersive 360 Virtual Events and Exhibitions. Our event spaces can be personalized to incorporate events of many kinds - Webinars, Live Streams, Networking Events, Product Launches, AGMs - and other events. All our events are tailor-made and scalable, in accordance with the brand messaging, guidelines, and goals. With website integrations, analytics, and Event Marketing Solutions, you can be sure about hosting an impactful event/exhibition.

Melzo Aakar

Melzo Aakar is a platform designed to cater to the needs of Real Estate Brokers. It is crafted to create VR Tours for New and Second-Hand Properties, Analytics Tracker, Planner/Scheduler and connect with Audiences and Prospects from anywhere across the globe, all in one. Aakar helps you see all your prospects and properties at once, on a single Platform.

Our range of products is extremely diverse. Our products are directly or indirectly enhancing the operations of businesses worldwide. Our products, at their core, do not require any additional software or application downloads. All our products are scalable and customizable, as per client needs and goals.

We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients - from multiple sectors and of varying scales, from the biggest MNCs to SMEs, there’s something for everyone.

We're here to enhance the businesses of almost every industry, be it Manufacturing, Real Estate, Architecture, and Interior Design, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail/Showroom, or Travel & Tourism.

With VR, the sky's the limit. Every day, we are coming up with new ways to simplify day-to-day tasks with Virtual Reality.

As an organization, we’re not terrified of challenges, and we do the best work possible to meet your needs. Get in touch, we’d be happy to provide you VR/AR solutions.

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