4 Ways to use Augmented Reality for Marketing in 2021

By Abhishek Dave

2 August 2021

Augmented Reality is no longer limited to gaming or social media filters. People are using it to attract the masses and catch their audiences’ attention and they are doing it well. Yes, I am talking about the most creative-minded people THE MARKETERS !!!!

Augmented Reality has turned out to be a game-changer for marketers, they can market and enhance the brand value of their business globally with just a single click?! That’s unreal, right?

The famous words of John Wanamaker, we all must have read it somewhere:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

No one can guarantee the return you’ll get from Marketing, but you can catch every single eyeball with Augmented Reality.

This is how you can engage the masses with Augmented Reality:

1. Go all Gaga about your product

People love innovative things on the internet, be it some funny moments during Wimbledon or crazy trendy challenges or some scientific theory, anything fresh and new is appreciated by the internet, especially by Gen Z and Millennials.

The marketing companies have understood that their targeted audience is now the new generation and to win them over using boring 2D videos and images is next to impossible, that’s where AR comes into the picture. By using Augmented Reality, Businesses can show what their products are used for.

Via Melzo Udyog

2. Instant Visualization

It is challenging and time-consuming when it comes to designing machine elements or understanding human anatomy, or something that we can’t visualize easily. But with AR, Businesses can offer Instant Visualization to people in no time, they can see what they are paying for. That’s how brands are building trust and enhancing businesses

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3. AR Try On

This new generation wants to shop in a comfortable way. They want to shop while drinking a coffee from their sofa set, or partying at 4 in the morning. Well, we can’t change them but we can enhance our methods of selling. That’s what the market needs right now, AR Try On.

Virtual AR Try On can be the showstopper, especially for B2C. Businesses can offer Real-time Virtual Try-On and let their customers try out every single thing from their own space. eCommerce integration will be a cherry on the cake for B2C Businesses.

Via Melzo Noor

4. Awareness about your brand

Many Businesses have used Augmented Reality for spreading awareness about society. They've generated huge traction because of their new approach.

In 2020 Google came up with the idea of influencing and teaching people the importance of Social distancing with its SODAR application.

Via Google

They created WebXR to visualize a two-meter radius ring around the user to help them maintain social distance. And this helped society to understand the importance of social distancing. Augmented Reality helped Google to convey the message uniquely.

To sum it all up, I can assure you one thing that AR will be wildly profitable in the upcoming years. Businesses have already started using it for marketing and advertising. What are you waiting for?!

If you’re someone who wants to create or explore Augmented Reality for your business, we can help. Melzo’s made up of business-minded tech people and tech-minded business people who can help you integrate Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and more for Free!

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