A Guide to Creating your own Immersive VR Events with Melzo Mela!

By Simran Narang

22 July 2021

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can open up an immense range of additional opportunities over a wide range of enterprises, from reviewing properties in 360 degrees for land to situational mindfulness and reenactment for military training. Augmented Reality can spare time and noteworthy expense, and give a protected, vivid, and practical experience for clients, some not even conceivable in reality.

Over the last year, we've experienced "History" firsthand and have been forced to change our life point blank. Everyday tasks changed, we couldn't meet friends and family, couldn't go to offices, couldn't go out to get coffee, couldn't do that event like it was initially planned and so forth.

We've been in our homes, working remotely for almost a year now. Returning back to normal is still a bleak possibility. Online Events seemed like the perfect solution. Are they?

The essential difference between virtual expo and virtual reality expo is that a Virtual expo is a presentation that gives you the images of the prospective product/idea whereas where speakers come one at a time, a Virtual reality expo is a 360° 3D environment wherein you can walk from one stall to another and experience the products/services in a real life-like environment. VR expo mimics the exact experience you’d have when you visit a real-life exposition.

In VR Events, we take care of everything. It all starts where the user/visitor clicks on the link of the expo and that leads to him to a greeting screen like a real expo would, then a 3D carousel prompts and the visitor can select what exhibitor/product he'd like to visit or they can walk around in the digital 360-degree environment and discover for themselves, what they'd like to see.

In a conventional Virtual Expo, visitors have to wait in order to check out a product they’re interested in, because there's a specific pre-decided line-up that is followed, but it's not the case in VR expos powered by Melzo. We, as an organization that's been pioneering in the VR Expo platform in the country as well globally, believe that the consumer must always be shown what he desires to see. We, at Melzo, enable businesses and conglomerates to enable and connect via our varied services and the VR Expo is the top-tier service in order to do so, the way it works is when an organization approaches us to organize an expo and those are usually of 2 types.

  1. Where the organization has several other interesting businesses for the expo and we provide the virtual environment as well as Stall allocations to the main organization which they can distribute/sell to other businesses along with add-on services such as backend tech support, OTP Login, the ability to handle additional traffic, etc.
  2. Where a single organization needs to showcase a variety of their products/services to the visitors. For the most recent case, We recently created a portal for the Apparel Export Promotion Council of India. This kind of expo helped the organizers in many ways and helpedthem make progress on a fast track basis, such as, the website links bring traffic, interested visitors fill in their details that help the organization make sales, the word of mouth for such an innovative initiative helps the organization gain more goodwill, the prospective buyer has already seen the product/service in a 3D environment along with our real-life vendors which in turn increases the trust of the prospective buyer in the firm as well as the product/service.

Our Virtual Reality expos offer features like :

Secure Expo Events where we offer a secure yet open environment for online VR Expos, Assure the privacy of every Virtual Expo user by restricting event participation to invitees only and offer limited access to VR Expo links. Virtual Expo Sessions where visitors have the option to join virtual meetings, pose inquiries, raise their hands, and chat with the panellists and other attendees during a session and also leave feedback on a meeting once the screening is finished.

Virtual Auditorium in which exhibitors can broadcast pre-recorded presentations, product demos, and launches and use special effects green screen overlays for hosting live presentations and live monologues. Live Immersive Conferences which create a VR video conference without any app downloads or installations, join a conference with just a web link, conduct one-to-one immersive video calls during Virtual Reality Expos and also explore 360-degree immersive experiences while video conferencing with attendees online.

Melzo Talkbot is powered with cutting edge AI and next-generation speech recognition technology, a Talkbot helps you take customers on a guided virtual tour of the Expo, offer customer assistance 24x7x365, gain immediate & actionable data insights and also initiate conversations with customers online while offering real-time human interactions.

Analytics is where Melzo’s VR analytics help you get all the analysis you need to create VR content that makes an impact. Using our analytics module you can gain insights on customer behaviour and product performances and get actionable data for crafting consumer-focused product experiences.

3D Model Integration is which we offer 3D model Integration within VR Expos that lets you integrate 3D models ready to view, examine.

Online Sales is integrated into the Virtual Reality Expos with our top of the Virtual Sales Tools that lets you pitch your product to the consumer on the spot and along with our Add to Cart Feature, shopping becomes a seamless option for the consumer, online sales are also boosted by our engagement based analytics as well as promotional booths that can be used to generate leads for future purposes.

The whole World's upgrading to Virtual Reality Expos, when are you?

We integrate all these features in our product Melzo Mela , a suite designed to help people host immersive VR Expos and Events without writing a single line of Code. A custom suite, Scalable to preference with multiple ways of establishing contact between attendees and organisers. Contact us to know more, and we’ll help you organise one for yourself.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is an innovation that mixes a few virtual elements in what the user finds in their real environment. The extra, artificially produced pictures with the real scene enhance how the environmental factors look. Pokemon Go is one of the most successful examples of Augmented Reality in day to day life.

Mixed reality (MR)

Mixed Reality is the convergence of a present reality and virtual universes to deliver new conditions and perceptions where physical and advanced articles exist together and work together in real-time. It is a hybrid of the Real and Virtual Reality.

Why VR?

Virtual reality revolutionizes how people experience the internet and reality. Registering has consistently been an intervened understanding: People pass data to and fro through screens and consoles. VR relies upon headsets, while AR is (for the time being, in any event) more usually experienced through your mobile phone. By encompassing you in a fake world, or bringing virtual items into your true condition, "spatial registering" permits you to connect all the more naturally with those images and sounds.

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